JAPAN: A Tokyo Noodle Frenzy

Anyone who’s anyone knows that Tokyo has some of the best food in the world. I love it all, even the slimy weird stuff most foreigners won’t touch with a 6 foot long chopstick.
However, the noodles are legendary: every type, every size, every price range. There’s the perfect noodle out there for all of you.



So I challenge you all to find that bowl of wriggly deliciousness. Here is a story I wrote on Tokyo’s very best noodles for Forbes Travel Guide.

I encourage you to do further research and update me on your findings.


2 responses to “JAPAN: A Tokyo Noodle Frenzy

  1. Wow!! It’s only 930 a.m. here and I’m craving noodles, doing stir fry tonight! Thanks Terry.. Love, A fan…

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