POLAND: Milk Bars Are A Time Warp In Warsaw

I was missing Poland today. I would love to spend the day in the milk bars of Warsaw, perhaps it’s time to go back…

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When in Warsaw, don’t miss out on a taste of Polish history at the local milk bars. These eateries, once subsidised by Poland’s socialist government were known as bar mleczny, or “milk bars” because of the dairy-based bill of fare such as cheese dumplings and yoghurt, although many other items including meat and vegetables are available at milk bars.

The milk bars were a way for workers busy building a new, industrialised Poland to get a cheap and healthy meal. Although the Communist regime collapsed and the milk bars are now private businesses, they are an important part of Polish culture. A source of nostalgia for some older citizens and a necessary service for lower income Poles, everyone loves these cheap cafeterias.

Milk Bars are famous for their pierogi, Poland’s national dish. These dumplings are made with fillings of cheese, meat (usually pork) or potatoes. The menus usually include wholesome…

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