MONACO: The best Italian cuisine in Monte Carlo

Artichaut, miam miam!

An Organic Passport

In Monaco, people like to eat well. This means that restaurants with high quality cuisine, like this one, are very popular. It is recommended to book in advance for lunch or dinner at Pulcinella.

The staff can speak several languages, which makes reservation and discussions about special diets much less stressful for the traveller. Don’t expect a frou-frou degustation menu. The fare is simple and fresh Mediterranean – plenty of treats, not so many surprises and I’ve never heard a complaint from customers, only glowing reports.

As with most Monte Carlo restaurants, one notices straight away that the menu is very wheat and seafood based – but there are at least three options for each course that are wheat or seafood free. Avocado vinaigrette seemed to be the top dish of the evening.

The pasta menu has no wheat free options but has two vegetarian options. This town has, unfortunately…

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