Funny Engrish in Singapore and Japan

As an English speaking country, you wouldn’t expect much Engrish in Singapore.

I have to hand it to them, the plethora of public notices (mainly warnings of impending fines) are grammatically sound in Singapore – a place where things are done properly.Nevertheless, there is always Chinatown, a great place to pick up amusing gifts for those loved ones with a sense of humour. you better do it

You heard what I said…

They must be worth more than regular pigs?

For JP, my clever and ambitious nephew and favourite godson. May he take good care of me in my old age!


There are also other household items to amuse us:

Never take advice from a pair of slippers

But it’s only when you fly back to Japan that you realise this really is the High Temple of Engrish Sillyness! It took 11 months in Singapore for me to come up with a handful of Engrish menus and knick knacks. However, after 24 hours in Narita and Tokyo and I find Engrish everywhere.

Whilst still on the plane, I read the shirt of the little boy in front of me. The poor chap doesn’t stand a chance:

It says ” I feel happiness when I eat a potato. Easy food”

Just stepped into the airport…

It’s a lie. There was nothing groumet about those sosages

And now for some shopping.

I still don’t know what the “cut” is… any ideas?

Come on, Japan! Get it together.


4 responses to “Funny Engrish in Singapore and Japan

  1. Reading these gaffs just cracks me up! I found quite a few gems in South Korea too, especially at stationary shops and on English greeting cards. I’m thinking cut on that last one might mean the cost of tailoring the suit jacket or pants? Just my guess.

  2. I don’t know, Ryan – really don’t. You think Armani can afford to pay someone to check their signs, right?! Yeah, Korea is an Engrish goldmine!

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