“2th” Anniversary of remarkabletravels.com

I want to thank you all for reading my travel drivel for the past 2 years. I just recently passed a certain magical number of hits that makes me realise that it’s not just my friends who read my blog out of kindness.

Here are some of my statistics – a very interesting read. A big thank you to Roppongi Hills and all the temples in Tokyo who have let me hang around their gardens whilst I typed all my travel notes frantically written on text messages, airplane sick bags, in the backs of diaries and sometimes in a notebook.

Thanks, Roppongi Hills, for your lovely garden – I may not have my own, but I have you!

I have published 44 posts

I have written about 20 different countries.

Only 5 bad entries were binned. You may argue that there should be more in the bin.

The most popular blog entry: Singapore

The most popular searches that brought people to my site were: Monaco, Ice Cream City  Tokyo, Marina Bay Sands and… “Wanchai Girls Hong Kong” – HA! I thought that most of my respectable readers don’t even know where Wan Chai is or what the girls do there – but I was wrong.

Some other popular searches included: Comida Criolla, Darkie Toothpaste, Remarkable Travels, Brunch Tokyo

The most unusual were: Elephant Skin, Lebanese Girls In Bikinis, Chicken With Chips, Choco Banana Benefits, Naked Arab Girls,What about Bangkok, Wealthy Friends, Saggy, I love Tel Aviv, Cute Cuban Men, Get your filthy paws off.

… and most of them had several hits under the same search – so there are quite a few lunatics reading my blog. Hello to you all!

This is what I thought people were looking for when searching for a blog like mine: Roman Fresco, Wabi Sabi design, Macau Tourism, Afternoon Tea, Tokyo Cafes.

I am surprised to say that only half of these searches were used by my readers.

Noone came across my blog by using the following words: Bitchy Travel Stories, Worst Travel Blog, Best Blog of 2009/2010/2011, Clever and Beautiful Blogger.

I guess it’s good and bad.

I celebrate this 2 year Anniversary by moving to a new house and not buying myself anything or drinking any Champagne. This is a highly unusual way of celebrating but I guess we will have to wait till I move and get a new job. But MT and I had waffles and hot chocolate at Little Delirium Cafe in Shinjuku so it wasn’t all that grim… by the way, this is the material for an entirely different entry BUT apart from having great waffles, nice lunches and massive bottles of beer, Delirium Cafe is one of the few places in Tokyo where you can get proper chips. NOT french fries (a waste of my time!) but real chippies!

Our divine waffles from Delirium Cafe

I really thought back in 2009 when I started this blog that I would have been “discovered” by now or that I’d be living on a yacht bought for me buy a  billionaire male model that I met on the road. Still waiting! All offers welcome.

I promise that I will be writing more often after I have moved and resettled.

Bye-bye old home and furniture, it’s time for a new adventure in a foreign land!



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