Organic Bali, INDONESIA

An Organic Passport

Down To Earth is the company that owns my favourite places in Bali: Zula Restaurant, Earth Cafe and Earth Market. They also have a restaurant called Down To Earth in Ubud.

What do these restaurants and shop have in common? Delicious, organic food. Environmentally sustainable practices. Clean and chemical free cosmetics. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

On an island full of tourists in an underdeveloped country, Bali is not known for it’s eco-friendly practices. The main beaches are strewn with litter and I find that even the upmarket areas have a faint smell of sewage lingering in the air.

Paradise for some but not really my thing Paradise for some, not really my thing

To be honest, Indonesia is not my favourite holiday destination. Everyone has there own concept of paradise – perhaps I’ve been sick here one too many times. When I do find myself in Bali for business or pleasure it comforts me to know that there…

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