Singapore’s Finest $15 Meals

Cheap and delicious – It’s hard to get both of these together in Singapore these days.

The island’s self proclaimed status as a food paradise is debatable as the selection of high quality, affordable dining is quite poor. Food tends to be either considerably pricey and very good or cheap, mass catered and mediocre.

There will always be food centre noodles: cheap and delicious… but not three times a day

There will always be food centre noodles: cheap and delicious… but not three times a day

Tourists are routinely directed to dine in the ubiquitous food centres with their plastic seats and gaudy signs. There are some tasty finds in such large dining quarters and they are worth visiting, but one soon tires of them.

Here are six outstanding venues that I wrote about for Taste & Travel Magazine. Each one serves high quality meals for around $10-15 (Singapore Dollars) per meal, they are a bit of a change of scene from the hawker centres. Have fun exploring Singapore’s cheap eats:

Singapore’s Finest $15 Meals  (click for link)


8 responses to “Singapore’s Finest $15 Meals

  1. Amazing article. Truly agree with you finding a good good joint with reasonable price is too difficult to find. I loved your 6 options you presented for the magazine write. I have personally tried the Al Zouq Biryani and I must say its outstanding for the price they offer :). I would also recommend you another good place and that’s Food Republic in the basement of Vivo city mall at Harbour front. Enjoy your eats 😉

    • Well if a real Indian such as yourself likes Al Zouq then it’s a good recommendation for them! I also can’t believe how cheap it is…

  2. Prices are going up, but honestly I could eat at hawker centres all the time without getting tired of it. Sure there’s a lot who are doing ok enough and cheap but nothing special. But when you find a hawker stall that knows its thing – fantastic.

    I love the way good food is expected even down to the cheapest level of dining here, though. Generally the minimum standards are quite high, compared to the shopping malls of Brisbane where I hail from.

    • Really? I am sick to the back teeth of food centres, but if you find anything outstanding then let me know, Bronwyn! It’s hard for me to eat at food centres regularly as I like eggs from happy chickens and I eat organic where possible – I really have no idea where the stuff comes from. I have found one gem: Thunder Rice Tea stall in Lau Pa Sat (there is another outlet somewhere too) but I am always looking for others…

      • Yeah, the organic/free range farm thing is going to get you. I can understand that.

        Our favourite at the moment is Indonesian BBQ – stall at Plaza Singapura and one at Food Republic, Vivocity. Can’t tell you much about their chickens, though…

        And I maintain that it’s still miles above shopping mall food in Australia, although I realise that’s setting the bar low.

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