Indonesia – Don’t Bother Going To Bintan

Ed – Since the publication of this article, changes in health and safety and facility upgrades have taken place at the Angsana Spa & Resort on Bintan Island. I have been invited back by the apologetic management to see for myself that this is truly a world-class resort. I intend to do so as soon as I am in the region again. There has been no word on the current situation at the Banyan Tree Resort.

In Indonesia’s Riau Archipelago lies an Island that is more expensive than Singapore or Tokyo. The inflated prices are of no benefit to the consumer as there is no difference between Bintan and any other resort island in Indonesia.

The only difference is that Bintan is completely devoid of community or culture. It seems as if the whole island was constructed by Singaporean companies. Even the local housing looks suspiciously like a decrepit Singaporean schoolroom. Exactly where is all this foreign money going?

Hardly a paradise for the local workers

Hardly a paradise for the local workers

Bintan’s only saving grace is its beaches. They are beautiful with white sand, clear water, shells, waves – Lagoi beach being the finest of all on Bintan Island. If you are planning to go, I have some advice, but first I want to tell you where not to go. If you stay away from the resorts, shops and restaurants you should be fine. Unfortunately, that only leaves the beach.

White sand, clear water

White sand, clear water

Let me tell you about the places I’ve visited on Bintan Island – I feel it is my duty to warn you before you book your holiday.

The Banyan Tree is supposed to be a five-star resort. On first inspection it seems to fit the bill. Upon closer inspection, the service and the cuisine certainly do not. The resort’s signature restaurant is Saffron, which serves modern Thai cuisine. It’s not bad. It’s not good either. The Cove restaurant is another matter – it’s just appalling: Warm, fish carpaccio that was definitely not today’s fish – or yesterday’s for that matter; Veal like bubble gum and the most appalling decor – blue plastic beads and garish napkins are Banyan Tree’s attempt to channel a Mediterranean taverna. They failed.

After eating here for three meals a day you'll never want to see the place again

After eating here for three meals a day you’ll never want to see the place again

Angsana Bintan Hotel  is another of Bintan’s five-star resorts towhich I wouls award three stars at a stretch (maybe I need to start my own rating system as Indonesia can’t figure out how to do it themselves) The Angsana Resort, while on the divine Lagoi Beach, is a total disaster. Despite the deceptive website, the reality is that there is only one dining area, the Lotus Cafe. A second beach bar/cafe is only open on the weekends. They may well offer dining on the beach at an inflated price and room service as well but it’s all from the same mediocre, filthy kitchen. The rooms are shabby and old;  There aren’t enough elevators. The staff are very friendly but unless you speak Bahasa Indonesia you are going to have some communication issues.

I must find out who does the flower arrangements at the Angsana

I must find out who does the flower arrangements at the Angsana

Shabby and neglected

Shabby and neglected

The worst thing about this resort, by far, was the food. A dreadful, unclean selection is all that is available at the Angsana.Between two of us we ordered lamb chops, pesto pasta, Diet Coke and Evian. It cost about $100 – yes, in Indonesia! Forty minutes later I got a plate of cold pasta. We sent it back. It came back again a little warmer but still revolting. Fresh ingredients don’t seem to be available even though they are apparently shipped in daily. Take a look at the breakfast buffet: flies all over the fruit; cheese next to an open window in the tropical heat.

I may be an animal lover but I draw the line at flies all over my breakfast

I may be an animal lover but I draw the line at flies all over my breakfast

Even the cheese sweats when left in the open air

No aircon, even the cheese sweats

When I asked the staff what was leaking from the drains in the courtyard next to my table they reassured me that it was “only chemicals”

How romantic: a chemical fountain gently splashing on my face

How romantic: a chemical fountain gently splashing on my face

Anyway, take a good look at the website for a laugh, it really is a marketing and sales masterpiece. I guess because this resort is in Indonesia they get away with letting shabby, squalid rooms for a $200-500 dollars a night and no one has sued them yet.

Club Med is perfectly fine if you have children, although I’ve never eaten there so I have no idea whether or not you may suffer a similar culinary catastrophe.

I hate to deliver more croakings of doom but the area surrounding Lagoi Beach, outside of the resorts, is not any better than the resorts. The local market, Pasar Oleh Oleh, is anything but local – $20 sunscreen, $50 sarongs that are $10 anywhere else in the country. I have yet to find a decent restaurant on Bintan Island.

If you’d like to stay on a tropical island, I suggest that you go to Malaysia or Australia and never, ever visit Bintan.  However, if you are in Singapore and the proximity of Bintan with it’s fine beaches appeals to you then I recommend this course of action:

1) Bring a lot of snacks with you – and all your own toiletries and medicine. There appears to be no real pharmacy on the island and the sunscreen is not cheap – and you’ll need a lot of the stuff here.

2) Try camping, or even “glamping” – that’s glam camping for those of you who aren’t in the know. Many places on Bintan’s east coast such as Pantai Trikora’s Bintan Cabana Beach Resort and Mutiara Beach Guesthouse  usually give travellers the option to pitch a tent, use the bathroom and facilities and often they even give you a towel. Simple beach huts are also available if you look around. Check with the resorts and villas before you set out for Bintan to find out what they offer. I am sure, as with the rest of Indonesia, that the fresh seafood on the beach and the ubiquitous satay sticks are fine. I wouldn’t expect fine dining here but you won’t starve. 

Enjoy the beach, that's all there is...

Enjoy the beach, that’s all there is…

I don’t think one is permitted to just camp on the beach – this island relies on tourism and they will probably want to squeeze every last rupiah out of you whenever possible. I did warn you, it’s not my favourite place…


19 responses to “Indonesia – Don’t Bother Going To Bintan

  1. Wow your blog is really informative, glad I came across it during this holiday season! And I totally agree with this post – Bintan is indeed overpriced and overrated. Was considering going back to give it a second chance but after reading this…I’m guessing not hahaha. Thanks for the heads up, cheers! 🙂

  2. Awesome and informative post! I am off to Bintan this weekend and would be staying at the Nirwana beach club. Do you have any suggestions or reviews about this hotel and the activities could be done there possibly. Also I will take into considerations your points regarding medicines and snacks. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Hi Moody, Pantai Trikora and the beaches of Angsana and Banyan Tree are beautiful, but you have to camp at Pantai or stay in the hotels to use them really.

  3. Hi Terry, which one is the best beach in Bintan from the followings: Trikora Beach, Angsana, Banyan Tree, Ria Bintan or Lagoi Bay beach (Alila Villas Bintan and The Sanchaya Bintan), as this will be our first time to visit Bintan in March, and we do want to visit and stay at the best rated resort and beach in Bintan. Thanks…

    • Hi Andi,

      I guess the Angsana and Pantai Trikora are my favourites. Bintan does have one thing: a beautiful coast. I hope all goes well!

    • Iqbal, it’s not all of Indonesia, it’s just this unfortunate tourist island. It’s certainly not the fault of the whole country!

  4. Hi Terry,
    sorry to hear about your experiences in Bintan but perhaps I can share with you a couple of things as a balance. (caveat: I am working for the port operator and it is in my work interest to excite people to visit Bintan)

    Bintan is a large island and most of the resort places you mentioned are in the north which is very commercial and with very little local life. So.. buyers beware… it is the intention of the resorts to keep you spending in the resorts…

    I really like the Trikora area. Especially on the weekends when the locals also hangout on the beaches and that there are so many small family-run eateries. Perhaps I have a strong stomach but I never had any problems with the wurongs and food stalls. However, Trikora is a large area and definitely need a car to be able to explore properly.

    The district that you didn’t cover at all in your article is Tanjungpinang in the southwest of Bintan island. Tanjungpinang is in fact the capital city of the Riau Islands Province (the Riau province has around 3000 islands!). To a certain extent visiting Tanjungpinang is like traveling back to 1970s Singapore. The large chinese population there also means that the food variety is alot more than just usual indonesian fare. Let me share a trail that we created

    I’m a history fan and I like exploring. There are 2 places you should check out if you eventually visit Bintan again; Penyengat island and Senggarang.

    Anyways, I do hope you give Bintan a second chance. Bintan is alot more than just the resorts…

    • Hi Tony, I did see most of the Bintan island over two trips, I focus on one bad experience here. I still object to the Singapore price tag in Indonesia – maybe you are right and I should give it another go. I will check your links. Thank you

  5. Hello 🙂

    I just left from Angsana Bintan, where I stayed 4 nights.

    I must admit that I was impressed by this resort, the cleanness and the service were great. Every morning they clean up the room, change the towels, etc… But also in the evening they knock on the door and ask if we want our room to be cleaned, or if we need other towels or anything else. Overall the resort, the pool and the beach were impressively clean. In the room there was no old furniture (and I am very sensitive to that, considering that I have asthma).

    The food was very good, and we could choose between western and indonesian/asian food. The dinner can be served in Lotus restaurant, but also on the beach at Xana restaurant, which is open all day, every day (also for lunch).

    When we wanted to try other restaurants (like Saffron for eg.), we received a car, together with a chauffeur, for free.

    The only negative aspect were the jelly fish from the sea water, I think in this modern world there is a solution to keep them away.

    Overall I was pleasantly impressed.

  6. You are such a sad soul with all your negative posts. No one forced you to stay in Singaporean owned resorts. The Trikora beach and Tanjungpinang town are stunning places with lot of cheap food and a very interesting history. These resorts
    must sue you for all the bullshit you are posting.

    • Hmm, where are all these negative posts? If you read the top, dear, you’d see that they apologised for the situation. They can hardly sure me for telling the truth.With photographic evidence. I’ve actually been all around the island.It’s pretty grim compared to most holiday resort islands really. Not very good quality. You probably don’t know any better than the cheap side of town. Never mind, dear!

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