My Blog Turns 3! Some statistics and observations of this last year

Here we grow again! Another year and another big thank you to you for carefully researching your next overseas adventures with me. Even if you are killing time at work reading my rants it encourages me to write. I appreciate your support.

Raffles: Best brunch in the world finally discovered after years of searching

Observations/experiences/people from my travels since August 2011:

♥  A real pangolin in the wild, there are still some in Singapore! They are endangered of course: they breed slowly and it doesn’t help that their habitat is not preserved

♠  Steel drums: much harder to play than they look

♦  Poor people who used to be rich and who still live as if they are rich

♣ Rich people whose parents used to be poor. They are generally from China and Russia. They have the vulgarity of the nouveau riche and the education of the aristocracy and may not be minted for long: the next generation, often raised in luxury, never seems to be as driven to accumulate wealth of their parents

♥  A Chinese lady who has never been to school and can’t read or write but who is learning to do both in English. One month later, she knows the alphabet and can talk to her son in English

♠  An English lady who has been to school but doesn’t know the flag of her own country. One month later, no improvement

♣ Emiratis who litter. All over the road, in the waterways of their lovely desert home. Unfortunately they are my friends – I know who you are, so do you… how disappointing

♥ Vicious monkey, high on Snicker’s bars, who steal your mango juice – please don’t feed wild monkeys! Once they get into that Red Bull they start nicking cars

♠ The best brunch in the world is Raffles Bar and Billiard Room. Yes, in the whole world. There is something for everyone but the highlights for me: fresh beetroot, exotic bread, a selection of lobster, fabulous pasta and the best dessert selection I’ve ever seen

♦  I’ve never been a big gambler but I’ve not walked out of a casino without bags of cash in about 4 years. Statistically I am doomed to fail at some point…

Get it??

Now for some statistics!

Number of posts: 56 in total, 13 for this year (yeah, it needs to be doubled, I know)

Most Common Search: Monaco, Darkie Toothpaste, Tokyo, Remarkable Travels, Singapore Casino, Ice cream city

Strangest Search Terms: Mr. Pickle Toothpaste, 1960’s Malaysia Coffee Shop Tiles, crab ice cream, muslim chinese beef bags, how to get white prostitutes in Singapore, grunge houses, Syria girls

Most Popular Posts: Japan, Monaco, Italy, Cambodia

Least Popular Posts: Spain and Korea. It looks like I did a shoddy job on those posts…

Location of Readers: USA – the majority by far – then Singapore, UK, Japan, Australia – that’s about 70% of them. Then 1 or 2 here and there from everywhere. A thank you to a growing number of readers from the Palestinian Territories and. Brazil.

I haven’t done anywhere near enough new and exciting travel this year and have been almost exclusively in Asia but it is just about to pick up next month – I promise.

I don’t like you either


3 responses to “My Blog Turns 3! Some statistics and observations of this last year

  1. Woww… so happy to have come across your blog. Little miss traveler you are! I have been on the road for 18 months and can so relate! We are off to Africa next month from Mexico and cant wait… heading there at all? Look forward to following you! 😉

    • Hello! We have the same name, you know… it’s a sign. I think we have to meet now. Are you taking yoga to Africa?

      • We can totally meet! 😉 Africa? I am going to take some yoga to Uganda! Maybe bring a bunch of mats and teach some fun things to the kids, and to the ladies involved with the women’s project. Its going to be great 😉 Lets meet up there! 😉

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