JAPAN: One year later I miss you and I still love you

Jizo protect deceased children

It’s one year since you and your tectonic plates changed my life forever

Even though I have left you, you haven’t left me. The horror will never leave either of us

Water rushes at great speed and so you’ve had to move fast for one so calm

Every day I think about all that we’ve lost, one person in particular is on my mind: Thoughts of him drift into my head and they are starting to become happy memories at last instead of a painful sensation of loss

Still, I threw away those tea towels that reminded me of the last time washed the dishes together

We all loved him

But you are still alive, Japan. I want to thank you for being there.

Yes, I know you’ve shifted to the side and you’re falling to pieces. You must be exhausted – you have waited patiently till we repair the damage

but really,you haven’t changed a bit. You still look fresh and gorgeous to me after all this disaster

What a lovely, elegant old girl you are

I pray for some stability and peace for you this year. I am sorry that I can’t do much more


Gambatte kudasai, Nihon / Keep up the good work, Japan.


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