Some Favourite Photos

Here are some pictures from my recent months on the road that I wanted to share with you, each one is its own story  so please enjoy. Click on each one if you wish to expand.

The clean streets of Singapore – walking home from the pub with high heels in hand and bare feet need not be irksome in this city

Here we have the pavements of Indonesia. Quite different, aren’t they?

The roof of the Vatican which gave me such a sore back – I have never spent so much time looking up!

The oldest bar I’ve ever been to – an enoteca in Pompeii, last in operation around 60 AD. It looks like my kind of place – central location, loads of wine on offer but the only type of ladies who would’ve propped themselves up at this bar were floozies or drunks

A much more modern bar in Malaysia

The cheeky squirrel and his precious berry

The queen and her lotus flowers

Beautiful Positano, taken from the boat to Capri

I always miss the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace or perhaps I am too far back for a picture, but not this time!

Shockingly tasteless and delightfully sparkly gold in Dubai

The Pantheon and its ingenious roof: open for air and light yet nothing gets wet from the rain

Tea at Singapore’s Fullerton Hotel is comparable to Raffles – the scones aren’t quite as good but the selection of traditional English and Malay sweets are a nice feature

Fresco from an ancient Church in the Roman Forum

Two little cupids in love on a Roman Sarcophagus

An Indonesian Buddha in the late Khmer style – obviously…

A beautiful old tree

And finally: I give you… the biggest bowl of noodles EVER. The chopsticks move up and down. おもしろい – Omoshiroi (interesting/fun) indeed! I miss Japan!


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